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TLD Titration Kit

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Our titration kit provides all the hardware needed for an acid-base titration.

Kit Includes:

  • 20114 Series Buret (25mL, 50mL, or 100mL) with PTFE stopcock - 20114 Series Burets meet ASTM E-287 Class A Specifications for tolerance. Made from Schott DURAN® tubing for exceptional quality, accuracy, and uniform wall thickness. Feature durable, permanent markings; fine, sharp lines and large, easy-to-read numbers. Supplied with PTFE stopcocks to eliminate freezing and lubricant contamination and to provide a precision fit within the barrel. Ideal for use in research and other institutional laboratories requiring the accuracy of a Class A model. All sizes are supplied with a 2mm stopcock bore plug.

  • Erlenmeyer flask set - Set of 5 flasks: 50mL, 125mL, 250mL, 500mL, and 1000mL.

  • Magnetic stirrer with stir bar - The HI-190M-1 Magnetic Mini-stirrer is compact and lightweight. It incorporates electronic controls that allow the user to regulate the speed with great precision, and the internal Speedsafe mechanism ensures that the maximum speed is never exceeded. The HI190M-1 is supplied with an ABS cover that will resist the harmful effects of spilled chemicals.

  • 0-14 pH strips - These pH sticks are non-bleeding. They are recommended for measurement of the pH of weakly buffered or strongly alkaline solutions. Test samples are not contaminated by the indicator dyes.

  • Buret stand and clamp

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TLDKT20114-25-T Titration kit with 25mL buret 0.1 mL ± .05 mL$215.68$161.76
TLDKT20114-50-T Titration kit with 50mL buret 0.1 mL ± .03 mL$205.01$153.76
TLDKT20114-100-T Titration kit with 100mL buret 0.2 mL ± .10 mL$210.50$157.88
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