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Stirring Apparatus, Stirrer Bearing Precision, 10mm, PTFE

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A uniquely designed lubricant-free, self-aligning precision stirrer bearing. The saddle O-Ring provides constant force and a positive seal on the stirring rod that allows vacuum operation to as low as 1mm. Ground finish rods from other manufacturers are not recommended for use with this bearing. Complete assembly includes PTFE inner bearing, PTFE bushing, saddle O-Ring, threaded glass adapter, Viton® O-Ring, and top cap.

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Cat Code Supplied Bearing JointPrice Add Quantity
LG-9444-100 Complete 24/40$108.50$97.65
LG-9444-102 Complete 29/26$116.39$104.76
LG-9444-104 Complete 29/42$112.61$101.35
LG-9444-106 Complete 34/45$116.53$104.88
LG-9444-108 Complete 45/50$132.13$118.92
LG-9444-110 Complete 35/25$119.54$107.59
LG-9444-120 Adapter Only 24/40$39.55$35.60
LG-9444-122 Adapter Only 29/26$42.71$38.44
LG-9444-124 Adapter Only 29/42$42.71$38.44
LG-9444-126 Adapter Only 34/45$46.60$41.94
LG-9444-128 Adapter Only 45/50$63.44$57.10
LG-9444-130 Adapter Only 35/25$41.46$37.32
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Stirring Apparatus