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Volumetric Flask Mixer

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Used for preparing dilutions and standard solutions.

Features include:

* Variable speed. Aggressive mixing action allows for less mixing time.
* Pulsing feature interrupts vortexing to join upper and lower strata for more thorough mixing.
* DC motor with filtered control for smoother operation and longer motor life.
* Mixers allows for less bench space.

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Price Chart
Cat Code Description Number of Flask Voltage RPM QuantityPrice Add Quantity
099A LC1012050 50ml flask mixer 24 120V 100-1500 Each$4,019.00$3,617.10
099A LC1012100 100ml flask mixer 12 120V 100-1500 Each$4,019.00$3,617.10
099A LC1012250 250ml flask mixer 8 120V 100-1500 Each$4,019.00$3,617.10
099A LC1024050 50ml flask mixer 24 240V 100-1500 Each$4,088.00$3,679.20
099A LC1024100 100ml flask mixer 12 240V 100-1500 Each$4,088.00$3,679.20
099A LC1024250 250ml flask mixer 8 240V 100-1500 Each$4,088.00$3,679.20
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