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Flask, Round Bottom, Two-Neck, Outer Joints

from $78.16sale $70.35 (save 10%)

Round bottom flask with two outer joints. Side neck is vertical 24/40 joint.

Other capacities and sizes available upon request.

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Price Chart
Cat Code Capacity, mL Center Neck JointPrice Add Quantity
LG-7290-222 100 24/40$78.16$70.35
LG-7290-230 200 24/40$79.81$71.83
LG-7290-234 250 24/40$77.72$69.95
LG-7290-246 500 24/40$79.22$71.30
LG-7290-248 500 29/42$76.75$69.08
LG-7290-250 500 34/45$86.56$77.91
LG-7290-254 1000 24/40$93.02$83.72
LG-7290-256 1000 29/42$93.81$84.43
LG-7290-258 1000 34/45$105.10$94.59
LG-7290-262 2000 24/40$136.87$123.19
LG-7290-270 3000 24/40$143.51$129.16
LG-7290-278 5000 24/40$183.98$165.59
LG-7290-284 5000 45/50$186.86$168.18
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Boiling Flasks

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