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pH Sticks - pH Indicator Sticks

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These pH sticks are non-bleeding. They are recommended for measurement of the pH of weakly buffered or strongly alkaline solutions. Test samples are not contaminated by the indicator dyes. Thus solutions can be used for further investigations. Fingers are protected from contact with the test solution due to the length of sticks. Individual sticks are 1/4" wide x 3.4" long.

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Cat Code pH FixPrice Add Quantity
92190 1.7-3.8$11.40
92180 0.3-2.3$11.40
92170 7.9-9.8$11.40
92160 7.5-9.5$11.40
92150 6.0-7.7$11.40
92140 5.1-7.2$11.40
92130 3.6-6.1$11.40
92125 7.0-14.0$11.40
92120 4.5-10.0$11.40
92118 2.0-9.0$11.40
92115 0.0-6.0$11.40
92110 0-14$11.40
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pH Indicator Sticks

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