Tergitol®, NP-10, Surfactant

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CAS No 26027-38-3

Tergitol(R) NP-10, Surfactant

Synonymns: Nonoxynol-10
Chemical Formula: C15H24O(C2H4O)x
Formula Weight: F.W. 380-420

Nonionic surfactant. Ethoxylated alkyl phenol with an average of 10 ethoxy groups.

Chemical Specifications
Cloud Point of a 1% Aqueous Solution
60°-65°C pH of a 10% Solution @ 25°C
50 Water
UPS Limit150 kg

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T1273-100ML Tergitol*, NP-10, Surfactant 100 ml$48.20
T1273-20LT Tergitol*, NP-10, Surfactant 20 L$1,247.40
T1273-4LT Tergitol*, NP-10, Surfactant 4 L$288.95
T1273-500ML Tergitol*, NP-10, Surfactant 500 ml$67.95
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