Sodium Perborate, Monohydrate

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CAS No 10332-33-9

Sodium Perborate, Monohydrate

Chemical Formula: NaBO3â?¢H2O
Formula Weight: F.W. 99.81
Chemical Specifications
Average Active Oxygen
Min. 13%
DOT DescriptionSodium Perborate, Monohydrate
Hazard Class5.1
UN No PGUN3377
Packaging GroupPG III
UPS Limit150 lb


Shipping Information: UN3377, Sodium Perborate, Monohydrate, 5.1, PG III

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Cat Code Description SizePrice Add Quantity
S1589-12KG Sodium Perborate, Monohydrate 12 kg$889.95
S1589-2.5KG Sodium Perborate, Monohydrate 2.5 kg$362.40
S1589-500GM Sodium Perborate, Monohydrate 500 g$145.80
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