Phosphoric Acid, 85%, FCC

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CAS No 7664-38-2

Phosphoric Acid, 85 Percent, FCC

Synonymns: Orthophosphoric Acid
Chemical Formula: H3PO4
Formula Weight: F.W. 98.00
Chemical Specifications
Min. 85.0% MAXIMUM LIMITS Arsenic (As)
3 mg/kg Cadmium
3 mg/kg Fluoride
10 mg/kg Lead
3 mg/kg
DOT DescriptionPhosphoric acid solution
Hazard Class8
UN No PGUN1805
Packaging GroupPG III
UPS Limit4 L
SurchargeAdditional UPS-imposed hazardous material charge.


Shipping Information: UN1805, Phosphoric acid solution, 8, PG III

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Cat Code Description SizePrice Add Quantity
P1097-1LT-EA Phosphoric Acid, 85%, FCC 1 L$179.25
P1097-1LT-CS Phosphoric Acid, 85%, FCC 6 x 1 L$792.85
P1097-2.5LTPV-EA Phosphoric Acid, 85%, FCC 2.5 L$284.20
P1097-2.5LTPV-CS Phosphoric Acid, 85%, FCC 4 x 2.5 L$907.65
P1097-4LT Phosphoric Acid, 85%, FCC 4 L$353.90
P1097-500MLGL-EA Phosphoric Acid, 85%, FCC 500 ml$152.15
P1097-500MLGL-CS Phosphoric Acid, 85%, FCC 6 x 500 ml$680.10
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