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Handheld Analog Refractometer - X Series

from $410.00

• Brix, salinity, nD, and coolant scales
• Largest and sharpest scale display available
• Non-ATC models feature exclusive, tool-free “Zero-Ring” calibration
• ATC models available
• Durable, all-metal design

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Cat Code Model Scale Range Resolution AccuracyPrice Add Quantity
43017 BX-90 Brix 0-90% 0.2% ±0.2%$410.00
43053 NDX-1 nD 1.333-1.520 0.001 ±0.001$410.00
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Handheld Refractometer

Refractometers may also be used to determine the purity of a substance from it's refractive index. Refractometers are used for measuring fluid concentrations such as sugar content - Brix level - of juices and fruits. Also useful for determining urine specific gravity, blood levels of proteins, salinity and carbonated beverages.

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