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Laboratory Scissors Jack

from $46.56

· Ideal for supporting or elevating beakers, flasks, water baths, stirrers, and other lab equipment
· Elevates from 3" to 10.5"
· Oversized knob allows for quick and easy adjustment
· Made of high strength steel
· Available in several finishes

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Cat Code Plate Material Plate Dimensions ElevationPrice Add Quantity
3588-1 Aluminum - Blue 4x4 Inches 1.75 to 6 Inches$46.56
3588-2 Aluminum - Blue 6x6 Inches 2.36 to 10.3 Inches$66.56
3588-3 Aluminum - Blue 8x8 Inches 2.5 to 11.75 Inches$85.56
3586-2 Stainless Steel 6x6 Inches 3.25 to 10.75 Inches$57.22
3586-3 Stainless Steel 8x8 Inches 3.25 to 11 Inches$68.33
3587-2 PVC Plastic - Red 6x6 Inches 2.25 to 9.5 Inches$47.78
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