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Ohaus Triple Beam 700 Series

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Superior magnetic damping provides stability reading three times faster than any
other three-beam balance on the market
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TChoice of 5 different weighing pans to fit any application
  • •  
Counterbalancing knob for quick zeroing, self-aligning beam design


Easy to Read Deep Notched and Tiered Beams
Construction     All metal base and beam design with stainless steel pan
Design Features    
Positive poise positioning for repeatable results, self-aligning beam design, magnetic dampening to minimise oscillation and speed weighing

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Accessories Item No.
Subject Box 80000053
Scoop and Counter Weight 80780001
Scoop, PP, 0.8l 80780006
Kit, Rod and Clamp 80780011
Scoop and Counter Weight, Poly 80780014
Scoop and Counter Weight, SST 80780015
Scoop and Counter Weight, 1.75l 80780016
Dust Cover, Triple Beam 80780017
Weight Set, 2x1kg, 1x500g 80780108
Anti-Theft Device, SP PA AV NV 80850000
Dust Cover, Storage, Triple Beam 80850262
Clamp, Gas Cylinder 80850312
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80000012 750-S0 0.1 g 152 mm 610 g$168.00$134.40
80000013 760-00 0.1 g 152 mm 610 g$243.00$194.40
80000034 730-00 0.1 g 229 x 152 mm 610 g$347.00$277.60
80000033 720-S0 0.1 g 305 x 152 x 70 mm 610 g$321.00$256.80
80000031 710-T0 0.1 g 152 mm 610 g$287.00$229.60
80000011 710-00 0.1 g 152 mm 610 g$234.00$187.20
80000032 720-00 0.1 g 152 mm 610 g$277.00$221.60
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Mechanical Scales and Balances

The mechanical balances that The Lab Depot carries feature a wide variety of benefits that make every day operation simple and reliable. When you purchase any Ohaus laboratory balance, you'll value features such as the oversized plate for larger sized lab containers, three-point beam that eliminates the need for level adjustment, positive load stops, built-in sliding masses, and more. For more information on any of our mechanical balances, contact us today.