Plastic Lab Bottles, Laboratory Bottles

Laboratory Bottles, Lab Bottles, Plastic Lab Bottles

Our Plastic Bottle selection is extremely large. Offered in a wide range of materials - polyethylene, polypropylene - and in wide mouth or narrow mouth selections, you should find the perfect laboratory bottle to match your requirements. Also offered in either amber, clear, or translucent plastic, and packaged in convenient quantities, your laboratory will have many uses for these bottles. All lab bottles are light weight and leak resistant for excellent, economical storage.

Sub Categories
Dropping Bottles and Dispensing Bottles </font>
Dropping Bottles and Dispensing Bottles
Centrifuge Bottles</font>
Centrifuge Bottles
Narrow Mouth</font>
Narrow Mouth
Wash Bottles</font>
Wash Bottles
Wide Mouth</font>
Wide Mouth


Your choice for laboratory plasticware and scientific equipment should always be made with value in mind. The Plastic Bottles offered here, along with over 750,000 other laboratory plasticware items we have available to you have been selected by Lab Depot as high value lab products. As such, full warranties on our laboratory bottles and all of these other laboratory items listed on this website provide you with complete protection.