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Laboratory ultrasonic cleaners provide quick, consistent cleaning for a wide variety of applications, including small lab items, parts, and scientific instruments. Every model of ultrasonic cleaner we carry provides deep cleaning action that removes stubborn contaminants even from hidden areas and internal, blind surfaces. Some models of ultrasonic cleaners are available with adjustable timers and temperature settings. When you need to remove blood, proteins, and other types of contaminants associated with sterilization of medical and dental instruments, or flux from electronics, you need an ultrasonic cleaner from The Lab Depot.

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Ultrasonic Cleaners
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Ultrasonic Cleaners

Laboratory ultrasonic cleaners are also a great tool for removing dirt, grease, waxes, and oils used from switches, gears, and metal and plastic parts, and assemblies. All of our ultrasonic cleaners will stand up to the harshest cleaning solutions and environments, and are available with either a mechanical timer, mechanical timer and heater, or digital timer, heater, degas, and temperature monitor. For more information on any of our ultrasonic cleaners, contact us today.