Scissor Jack, Laboratory Equipment, Lab Jack

Scissor Jack, Laboratory Equipment, Lab Jack

Our support, Lab Jacks are priced two to three times less than many competitive brands. They are built for convenient high load capacities that require platform adjustment with a simple twist of a knob. Our Scissors Jacks are designed to hold and to lift a variety of apparatuses, such as flasks, jars, baths, distillation, water baths, heaters and stirrers and a myriad of other laboratory equipment. Chrome-plated, stainless steel or enamel surfaces are durable and easily cleaned and are rust resistant.

Laboratory Scissors Jack Laboratory Jack Laboratory Jack with Platform and Rod 
Laboratory Scissors Jack
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 Laboratory Jack
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 Laboratory Jack with Platform and Rod
Product #: LBJSET
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Lab Jack

Strict quality assurance from The Lab Depot for Lab Jacks and more than 750,000 other laboratory equipment means that you will always have confidence in your research and development or quality control results. After all, your laboratory testing procedures should always include using only the very best – whether lab jacks, chemicals, glassware or very sophisticated instrumentation. Always look to The Lab Depot for value and quality.