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Thermo Scientific* Owl A6 Electrophoresis System

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Ideal for high-throughput laboratories
  • • System screens 25 to 500 samples on a single agarose gel, producing clear, tight banding patterns with no “smiling”
  • • Gel tray’s unique comb-slot design allows use of up to 10 evenly spaced combs
  • • With special combs and a multichannel pipetter, samples are loaded directly from a 96-well plate, 8 or 12 at a time
  • • Incorporates unique end-gate casting design — gel tray is fitted with gasketed end gates which provide a leakproof seal without tape
  • • Sample loading with multichannel pipetter speeds up transfer
  • • Bubble level ensures casting of flat, uniformly thick gels

Includes: Buffer chamber with three-point leveling base, SuperSafe* lid with attached power supply leads, UVT gel tray with gasketed end gates, four combs (two 25-well and two 50-well, 1.5mm thick)
Warranty: Three years
Certifications: CE marked

Specifications A6
Horizontal System Wide
Gel Size (L x W) 25 x 23 cm
(L x W x H)
35 x 38 x 11 cm
(13.75 x 14.94 x 4.38")
Running Buffer Volume 3.0 L
Sample Range 25 to 500

Thermo Scientific Owl A6 Wide Gel Electrophoresis System Replacement Parts
  • • Power supply leads include a retractable sheath end for convenience and safety
  • • Power supply leads are manufactured with strain relief cord to prevent breakage
  • • UVT gel tray incorporates gasketed end gates which provide a leakproof seal without tape

Thermo Scientific Owl Leveling Platform
  • • Three-point leveling platform ensures flat casting and running surface
  • • Includes bubble level

Thermo Scientific Owl Casting Dams
  • • Seal agarose on contact, eliminating the need for tape
  • • Do not attach to gel tray, enabling gels of any length to be poured
  • • Easily handled and maneuvered using knob or finger depressions
  • • High-quality aluminum dam blocks off a portion of UVT gel tray, allowing shorter gels to be cast and run in one device

Thermo Scientific Owl A6 Electrophoresis System Combs
Specifications D3-MTC† D3-MTD† D3-MT2C† D3-MT2D† D3-WALL
Description Microwell (1X) comb Micro well (2X) comb Wall comb
Number of Teeth 25 50 1
Thickness of Teeth 1.0mm 1.5mm 1.0mm 1.5mm
Width of Teeth 7.5mm 3mm 230mm
Volumes by
Gel Thickness*





*NOTE: Recommended Loading Volumes Calculated at 75% of Total Well Volume
†8 and 12-channel pipette format (1X) and (2X) combs.

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A6 Thermo Scientific* Owl A6 Horizontal Electrophoresis System$812.00$690.20
PSL-5 Power supply leads, 3 ft. (Includes one black and one red lead)$38.10$32.39
A6-UVT EasyCast* gasketed UVT gel tray$212.00$180.20
A3-GK-1 Replacement gaskets (1 pair)$16.60$14.11
A3-1-EG External caster (no trays/combs)$58.60$49.81
BBL-1 Bubble Level$16.60$14.11
DAM-23 Chameleon casting dam; 23cmW$149.00$126.65
D3-MTC Micro well 25 (1X)-tooth comb$69.40$58.99
D3-MTD Micro well 25 (1X)-tooth comb$69.40$58.99
D3-MT2C Micro well 50 (2X)-tooth comb$69.40$58.99
D3-MT2D Micro well 50 (2X)-tooth comb$69.40$58.99
D3-WALL Wall comb, 1 tooth$69.40$58.99
EC300XL Owl Compact Power Supply, Max Output: 300V, 400 mA, 75 W, Timer, 3 output jacks$630.00$535.50
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