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Ohaus Triple Beam Mechanical Balances

from $163.00sale $130.40 (save 20%)

Mechanical Triple Beam®

The Standard for Over 75 Years
• All metal base and beam design with stainless steel pan for improved longevity
• Easy-to-read deep notched and tiered beams
• Positive poise positioning for repeatable results, self-aligning beam design,
magnetic damping to minimize oscillation and speed weighing
• Four weighing platforms to choose from

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Cat Code Model Readability Platform Size CapacityPrice Add Quantity
80000012 750-S0 0.1 g 152 mm 610 g$163.00$130.40
80000013 760-00 0.1 g 152 mm 610 g$231.00$184.80
80000034 730-00 0.1 g 229 x 152 mm 610 g$330.00$264.00
80000033 720-S0 0.1 g 305 x 152 x 70 mm 610 g$306.00$244.80
80000031 710-T0 0.1 g 152 mm 610 g$273.00$218.40
80000011 710-00 0.1 g 152 mm 610 g$223.00$178.40
80000006 1650-00 0.1 g 152 mm 610 g$294.00$235.20
80000036 1610-00 0.1 g 152 mm 610 g$338.00$270.40
80000037 1650-W0 0.1 g 152 mm 2610 g$338.00$270.40
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Triple Beam Balance

When you're ready to purchase a triple beam balance, you'll appreciate the benefits offered by any of our bench scales. Ohaus brand balances offer effective magnetic damping coupled with appropriate beam capacity (610g) to reduce oscillation. These balances also feature easy zero adjustment, non rusting stainless steel bearing covers and platforms, and a precision tamper-resistant poise. Dial-O-Gram models utilize a vernier dial for direct-reading calibration. And when shipped, all of our triple beam balances are fully assembled and ready to use.